CMA contributes to student science programs, scholarships

The following is the text of a press release issued by the Connecticut Maritime Association:
(STAMFORD, Conn.) — The Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA), the largest international shipping association in the United States, today detailed its expansive education and scholarship program and the CMA Board pledged to continue the important programs. The timing comes as the Association hosts many of its Scholarship recipients at its monthly lunch in Stamford, Ct on June 17.
The lunch serves as an annual reaffirmation of the Association’s commitment to its education principles.
Beth Wilson Jordan, President of the CMA stated. “For decades now the Association has taken its goal of contributing to the lives of young men and women with an interest in shipping very seriously. The support comes from Members who may host a summer intern, or get actively involved in the life of schools and maritime academies. It comes from the generous donations of companies and individuals who support the Association’s scholarship activities. And it is redoubled by hundreds of former interns and scholarship recipients who successfully join this great industry and contribute themselves to the next generation.â€

Whether it is Association provided financial aid or simply individual members contributing time at local schools, the goal of sharing knowledge and information on the role of international shipping in commerce and trade and the many dynamic career paths the industry offers, is deeply rooted in the culture of the Association.

Current CMA Education Funds for students.

Internships Funds: Are available to any student (high school, college, graduate student) who fulfils an internship with any CMA member. All students are eligible for $250 per 2 week period, up to $1,000 or 8 weeks. The process for participation is simple and quick, with notification of Margaret Faucher, Chairman of the Education Committee on the CMA Board.

The program’s goal is to introduce students interested in a future in the shipping industry to companies happy to host interns, and while most internships take place during the summer months the program is open year around.

Recent participation:

First 5 Months of 2010
January 1 – June 1, 2010 the Association gave $6,500 to 8 students

Full Year 2009
January 1 – Dec 31, 2009 the Association gave $21,000 to 28 students

Recent companies that have participated by hosting interns show the fascinating breadth of the international shipping industry: American Bureau of Shipping, Poten & Partners, Maersk Brokers, Marine Money, McQuilling Services, Fairfield Chemical, PetroMar International, Seaworthy Systems and the United States Coast Guard (AMVER).

Mrs. Faucher commented, “Interns come from around the country and have found rewarding work at companies that are involved in every aspect of our business from operations, to ship broking, from ship finance to naval architecture. It is a program that has led many to return after their schooling to full time jobs in the industry.â€

Another important initiative, and one that has grown in size and significance over the past decade are the scholarships the Association provides to colleges and schools across the country. In 2009 the Association gave scholarships totaling $30,000 to more than 15 colleges and schools.

Scholarships Funds: Every year, CMA is proud to award 2 x $1000 scholarships to graduating students of the following schools:

– Bridgeport Aquaculture School (High School)
– California Maritime Academy
– Kingsborough Community College
– Maine Maritime Academy
– Maine Maritime Graduate School
– Massachusetts Maritime Academy
– Massachusetts Maritime Graduate School
– New York Harbor School (High School)
– SUNY Maritime College
– SUNY Maritime Graduate School
– Texas A&M
– The Sound School (High School)
– USMMA (Kings Point)
– Webb Institute

The students are nominated by the school and can be chosen on merit or need.

Encouraging Science at School

The Association’s educational outreach initiatives are not limited to the internship and scholarship programs. For example last year during the World Maritime Day, a day designated annually by the International Maritime Organization, the world body sanctioned by the United Nations to oversee maritime safety and regulation, to celebrate the international shipping industry and its seafarers, the CMA sponsored the New York City science fair. Science projects were developed by talented young scientists from around New York. CMA Board Secretary Tom Hodgson participated on the judges panel.

But Association members frequently engage with local schools. The Association also frequently sponsors Alumni Foundations fund-raising drives for student activities and other events.

Molly McCafferty, CMA Vice President sums up the programs, “The Association is committed to the future through its student programs. We know it is our obligation to do whatever we can to help people understand the significance of the international shipping industry, an industry that does no less than feed and fuel the world, and our education programs seek to do just that. But they are not possible without the enormous support we receive from our members and the industry itself. The Board and members remain committed to these programs and deeply appreciative of all the support we receive.â€

By Professional Mariner Staff