Chesapeake Technology to launch new SonarWiz

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) — Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI) is launching its biggest SonarWiz release since 2010 at the Ocean Business show in April. The new SonarWiz has a modern look, visible enhancements to all modules (side-scan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, and magnetometry), more integrated plan-view and 3D visualizations, and for the first time introduces bathymetry amplitude processing.

Backscatter post-processing is now available for bathymetric data including beam averaged and time-series (snippets) amplitude records. Automatic, whole-survey gain optimization can produce near seamless amplitude mosaics with almost no user interaction. Don’t spend another hour balancing gray levels between track lines again.

SonarWiz has expanded its grid creation and editing tooling. A suite of automatic and semiautomatic statistical filters work in concert with smart manual editing modes to allow users to easily polish good data and rescue data collected under less-than-perfect conditions. SonarWiz has strong support for interferometers, AUVs and other swath systems that are used in challenging environments.  For example, grid data and grid QA indicators can be used concurrently to enable surveyors to ensure adequate survey coverage and quality. The SonarWiz suite of filters will help you get the best possible results from these specialized instruments.

Of the developments to SonarWiz, the most obvious is its modern look. This latest version exudes a fresh look through new icons, a bright color scheme and an intuitive interface. The less visible internal redesign not only makes SonarWiz a leaner application to allow faster processing speeds, it also opens the doors for future developments.

John Gann, vice president of software development, commented, “I’m extremely excited about this release. I’m sure I say this about all of our software releases, but this one is a biggie. The backscatter processing for bathymetric data is an excellent new development and took real teamwork to get out the door. Teamwork, that is from inside and outside Chesapeake, so thank you to all of our beta testing customers and sonar manufacturer partners.”

“Chesapeake continues to be one of the top choices for processing side-scan imagery, generating mosaics, as well as detecting and reporting features of interest. The new SonarWiz is a leap ahead with its enhanced support for interferometric bathymetry and AUV-based data management, processing, and rendering,” said Straud Armstrong of L-3 Communications Klein Associates Inc. “The work flow is clear, comprehensive, and repeatable, while the terrain models and target feature reports are easy to use, share and interpret. With SonarWiz, Chesapeake continues to be a top choice for side-scan acoustic image mapping and now also bathymetric data processing, rendering, and reporting.”

Ocean Business attendees can see the new SonarWiz at booth S5 and experience SonarWiz in action on Klein and EdgeTech water demos — register at our booth, the L-3 Klein booth L3, or the EdgeTech booth B9 to join. Along with the launch, Chesapeake Tech is also offering a one-day training workshop April 17 on location after the show. Attendees get a free trial of the new SonarWiz and a copy of the new user manual — register today at

By Professional Mariner Staff