Canadian ferries at a glance

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According to the 2015 report “Keeping Canada Moving” from the Canadian Ferry Operators Association:

• Canada has 171 ferry routes and 259 operating ferries.
• Nearly 54 million people and more than 19 million vehicles were transported via ferry in Canada in 2014.
• Since 2011, there have been no incidents involving a serious injury on a Canadian ferry, and since 2006, there have been no incidents involving a fatality on a ferry.
• Canadian ferry operators employed more than 9,500 citizens and paid more than $436 million in salaries and wages in 2014.
• Ferry companies had operating expenses of more than $1.2 billion, including spending $155 million on fuel.
• Ferry operators expect to invest $1.6 billion in their fleets by 2020.
• The asset value of the operators exceeds $2.3 billion.

By Professional Mariner Staff