Bullfrog Boats has delivered three 15’ work skiffs to Foss maritime for use on three of their Tugs.

One of the tugs, the Corbin Foss, is contracted with the Arctic Challenger (A Shell oil barge with special equipment for plugging a blowout in event the blow out preventer does not work). The Bullfrog will be used for transporting crew from the tug to the barge in support of drilling operations in the rugged waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

When asked if Foss is happy with the Bullfrog boat, the reply from Foss was “No we aren’t happy; We are ecstatic! The Bullfrog boat is durable, won’t pop or let air out as inflatable boats can, is very stable and just like Foss, is “Always Ready.”

“Other than the Safety Orange color, the Bullfrog sold to Foss is the same Bullfrog we sell to the general public” Craig Henderson President of Bullfrog Boats INC added.

Regarding the versatility of his company’s boats Henderson comments, “We have sold more than 500 boats to the general public who love the durability and stability of the Bullfrogs. Those same attributes make the Bullfrog an obvious choice for the work boat market.”

Supporting his contention Henderson points to a number of public and private entities using Bullfrog Boats. The Army Corps of Engineers, for example, uses a 17’ craft in the Marshall Islands. Camano Island Fire and Rescue in Northwest Washington State uses its 17” Bullfrog for water rescues because of its speed and ease of handling while BP uses its 10’ Bullfrog around the docks at the company’s Cherry Point refinery in Ferndale WA.

For more information visit: www.bullfrogboats.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff