Brude Safety Expands Gangway Portofolio

Norwegian based Brude Safety as has expanded its gangway portfolio to cover a range from 2 to 14 metres. The two latest developments, the 11 and the 14 metre gangways, are knuckled versions, giving the shipowner the opportunity to use it for crew-change as well as for standard deck-quay solutions. 
The gangways can be installed as stand-alone or they can be integrated into the shipside with a door made of steel and hinged to the coaming. The door is stiffened and made as strong as the ship’s side. In the locked position the door fits tightly against a rubber gasket in the coaming. The door and its swing movement is locked by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder operates two locking cleats mounted in the coaming, which interlock with two press bolts mounted on the door. The door has a hydraulic cylinder for the tilting movements and it is opened or closed by operating the same cylinder. When the door is lowered and the gangway is placed on the quay it has a free float function to absorb the tidewater and the swell movement between the ship and the quay or between two ships.
The telescopic gangway is attached on the inside of the door. The gangway is made of aluminium and has a threefold structure with an inner, middle and an outer element. The middle and outer elements have hydraulic cylinders for telescopic extension of the gangway. Each structure has a fixed handrail. 
The aluminium profile of the gangway floor has been specially developed to ensure safe transfer of passengers. 
The hydraulic unit acts as the control unit for the Brude Gangway. The main components are the tank, the hydraulic pump, valves, a 230V/60Hz electric motor and the steering system. 
The unit is powered by means of 230V from the ship’s electrical system and is connected to the door lock cylinders, the door cylinder and the telescopic gangway cylinders. All functions are controlled by means of valves in the vicinity of the gangway. The valves are operated manually or optionally by remote control.
By Professional Mariner Staff