Bourbon Offshore installs 50th license of Autoload stability software

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(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) — Autoship Systems Corp. (ASC) has announced their European reseller, Autoload Services Ltd., has delivered the 50th license of ASC’s Autoload Onboard Stability software to longtime client Bourbon Offshore. Autoload will be installed on Bourbon Evolution 809, a multipurpose supply vessel designed for subsea operations for the oil and gas industry. The vessel is one of 10 within the series which will all be outfitted with Autoload.

Bourbon Offshore, a leader in the offshore oil and gas sector, has offices in over 50 countries and operates a fleet of over 500 vessels. The company offers a broad range of marine services for the offshore oil and gas industries in continental and deepwater offshore.

ASC’s load planning systems have been installed on some of the most technically advanced vessels in the world. Autoload is a robust, intuitive, user-friendly program that offers a simple to understand display of key hydrostatic values that are critical for safe vessel operation. With Autoload, the user is freed to focus on critical decisions while the program takes care of the mathematical complexity. The base system uses a 3D model and has easy to use controls for weights, tank loads and external forces such as wind. Additional modules can be added for more complex control of weights. The Bay Plan module handles containers, the Deck Plan deals with ro-ro cargo and the Crane module simulates the effect of lifting dry and/or immersed cargo with single or double cranes. For every module, the stability and strength parameters are updated as cargo is moved, providing up-to-the-minute guidance on safety and compliance. Autoload can also be connected directly to the fleet’s booking system to import cargo booking and vessel scheduling data. Cargo stowage plans are easily developed in deck plan views and can be shown in 3D. Autoload can also connect to the on-board tank sensor system.

Autoload Services Ltd. is a collaborative arrangement between ASC and its resellers; Coastdesign Norway AS, David Henry Architecture Navale of France and Autoship Systems UK. By combining the technical and organizational experience and capacity of these three resellers, Autoload Services is able to deal with the high demands of fleetwide sales and implementation of Autoload software, and in addition provides world-wide training and emergency response services. 

ASC is a marine software developer based in Vancouver. For over 35 years, the company has been producing innovative software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry. For more information, email

By Professional Mariner Staff