Boatracs Announces Growing Demand for Market Leading Fleet Management Software With Over 2,000 Vessels Online

San Diego, California, May 1, 2013 – Boatracs Inc., a leader in providing integrated satellite communications and software solutions to the maritime industry, announced today  that over 2,000 vessels are now being managed with Boatracs BTConnect®, making it the most widely used vessel tracking and fleet management software in the U.S. commercial maritime market.  BTConnect is the only fleet management platform to combine visual monitoring of vessel positions on an interactive map with location based two-way messaging and reporting, providing intelligence that enables owners and operators of offshore service, inland  waterways, coastal workboat and commercial fishing fleets to run their companies more efficiently, safely and profitably.

BTConnect was launched to the maritime industry in North America as Boatracs’ next generation fleet management platform in early 2012, introducing a shore-side user interface that is web-based for flexible access to fleet-wide data from any computer, tablet or smart phone.  The shore-side software was designed to improve efficiency with a single display that combines automated position reports with a host of    other valuable features including route planning, map overlays, custom landmarks and historical vessel positions as well as two-way messages, logs and reports that include detailed vessel position information on all ship to shore communications. An optional vessel side application is also available with a simple user interface for captains to receive and send messages and logs to facilitate collecting critical vessel data.“

BTConnect is an outstanding product for managing our liftboats,” said W.D. ‘Butch’ Bazer, Operations Manager for the Liftboat Division of Aries Marine.  “The software is very easy to navigate and the mobile access to fleet information is fantastic. The ability to log on from any computer or phone to see accurate vessel positions, messages and logs in real time greatly improves my visibility into fleet operations.  We love the new application and use it every day to manage our boats more efficiently!”

BTConnect supports hardware on the OmniTRACS, AIS, KVH mini-VSAT and Iridium satellite networks.  Boatracs is one of the few companies serving the maritime industry that provides both software and satellite communications hardware.  That unique perspective has driven software development optimized for maritime communications networks by utilizing data compression and least cost routing to minimize data transmission costs. Other unique benefits of Boatracs BTConnect include:

Integrated view to allow dispatch to monitor vessel positions and send a message or work order from the same display to streamline operations; positions are included on every ship to shore communication sent so fleet       managers know what and where events occur.

Custom landmarks and global map layers to monitor and manage vessels with greater precision to increase vessel productivity and ensure compliance with regulations.

Extensive permission settings for granting limited or full information access to select employees, customers or third  parties to put the right information in the hands of the right users.

Notifications tool to automatically route messages and logs to designated departments – billing information can go to  accounting while safety information goes to HSE and vessel information goes to engineering – distributing vessel data easily and efficiently.

BTConnect API to access data for back office integration with databases and other applications such as accounting to  streamline billing.

BTConnect integrates AIS data in its interface for even greater operational value.

“The adoption rate of this new product has been tremendous,” said Irwin Rodrigues, President and CEO of Boatracs. “Signing up over 2,000 vessels in just over a year underlines the value users are receiving from BTConnect as a shore-side fleet management solution.  BTConnect is being used by maritime operations ranging from a single vessel to 100+ vessel fleets and customer feedback has been outstanding on the ease of use and access to operational data, demonstrating the broad range and versatility of its features. Staying connected to your fleet has become a critical component of successfully managing fleets today, and BTConnect provides the visibility owners and operatorsneed to be competitive and profitable.”

Visit the product page  or contact Boatracs to learn more by calling at 1-800-262-8722.


About Boatrac rcial maritime industry.  Since 1990 Boatracs has been providing customers the industry’s most proven, reliable, and simple solutions on the market.  Boatracs now offers multiple communications solutions ranging from its core Qualcomm OmniTRACS product line to newer multi-mode broadband and voice capabilities, all powered by Boatracs’ web-based messaging and mapping software to provide access to fleet-wide data from anywhere on any device. Boatracs delivers products, services and 24/7/365 live support to offshore, inland, commercial fishing and government markets – increasing operating efficiencies for thousands of vessels across North America.  The company became part of Orolia (NYSE Alternext Paris – FR0010501015 – ALORO), a group specialized in positioning, navigation and GPS timing equipment and systems for critical operations, in 2012 and has offices in California and Louisiana. For more information please visit

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