Biobor Fuel Additives Make A Big Splash In The Recreational, Commercial Marine Industry

(Houston, TX) They may not walk on water, according to enthusiastic officials from the Hammonds Companies, but the new Biobor product line up of marine fuel additives perform so well they do everything but.

The Hammonds Companies is the Houston-based company behind the powerhouse brand, Biobor. Biobor is the brand long associated with effectively killing hydrocarbon utilizing micro-organisms (HUM-Bugs) in marine, diesel and aviation fuels. As the industry standard for 30 years, Biobor has been the safe, effective, and environmentally friendly choice of boat owners, major airlines, and airframe manufacturers to kill bugs in their fuel.

After thirty years of incomparable market leadership, the company has added several Biobor products to the flagship brand, BioborJF. The new Biobor family of products are designed specifically to meet the needs of the marine industry.

“Say hello to Biobor MD, Biobor EB and the Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit,” said Carl Hammonds, company president and founder. ” And say goodbye to stagnant fuel and fuel tank problems commonly associated with sailboats, powerboats, workboats, and other commercial water vessels.”

The new Biobor family of EPA approved products makes its debut this month, and demand for the long anticipated fuel additives is already at fever pitch.

“We’re excited about the new products from Hammonds,” said Dave Ungerecht, Senior Category Manager with national retail giant West Marine. “We’ve sold Biobor JF successfully for nearly two decades, and our customers have come to rely on it as a product that does exactly what it claims to do. These new Biobor formulations are sure to be effective solutions for problems inherent with marine fuels.”

Specifically, Biobor MD promises to enhance fuel performance and economy, aid in lubricity which is extremely critical with the use of low-sulfur diesel, clean up the engine by reducing sludge buildup and prevent gelling of the fuel.

“This is cutting edge stuff,” according to Hammonds. “Treating your fuel with Biobor MD means more available horsepower, reduced carbon build up and a cleaner fuel burn. And that means lower maintenance costs for your engine.”

Biobor EB, according to Hammonds Sales Rep Mike Beldin, eliminates the harmful effects of ethanol in fuel and increases engine efficiency and mileage, putting an end to fuel phase separation.

Finally, the Biobor HUM-Bug Detector Kit is being launched as a means of detecting micro-organisms in fuel which cause fuel tank corrosion and component clogging. For years, airlines have relied on the Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit to detect bugs in jet fuel.

The full line up of Biobor marine fuel additives are just the latest from this American manufacturer, also known for their innovative engineering and product design in the aviation, fuel and water treatment industries.

All Biobor products are available through the Hammonds Fuel Additives international sales distributor network, or for retail purchase at West Marine.

The Hammonds Companies are owned by FabCorp, a leading global fabrication and machining company also headquartered in Houston. For more information, call (800) 582.4224 or click

By Professional Mariner Staff