Annapolis Boat Shows Announce Change of 2013 Dates

Annapolis, Maryland.  The United States Powerboat Show 2013 will be scheduled a week preceding the sailboat show.  The US Powerboat Show will be presented October 3-6, 2013 with the sailboat show to follow on the traditional Columbus Day weekend.  All activities, show features, seminar programs, and other aspects of the boat shows will remain the same as has been the custom through four decades of boat shows in Annapolis.  In addition, other show featrues and innovations will be developed and announced throughout the year.


Unpredictability of weather in late October is the reason for the change.  With Columbus Day falling on the 14th of the month, attempting to produce a powerboat show later in October in Mid-Atlantic states could make it uncomfortably cool and wet for show attendees and exhibitors.


Shows will return to their traditional order in the years to follow, but for 2013 dates will be:


United States Powerboat Show – October 3-6, 2013
United States Sailboat Show – October 10-14, 2013


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By Professional Mariner Staff