Adaptive Surface Technologies launches SLIPS Foul Protect N1x bottom paint

(CAMBRIDGE, Mass.) — Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc. (AST), a Cambridge, Mass.-based industrial technology company that produces the SLIPS line of materials and coatings used for a wide range of industrial, marine, and medical applications, has announced the availability of its newest product, SLIPS Foul Protect N1x.

Designed for both freshwater and saltwater vessels, structures, and other equipment, SLIPS Foul Protect™ N1x sets a new performance standard for non-toxic and environmentally friendly marine bottom paint. The product uses AST’s patented modular fouling-resistant coatings technologies to create an ultra-smooth, slippery surface that algae, barnacles, mussels and other fouling typically present on submerged surfaces are reluctant to adhere to and are easily removed by natural water flow or during regular maintenance.
“SLIPS Foul Protect N1x represents over two years of product development and global testing to create a superior product that lasts multiple seasons, improves fuel efficiency, and isn’t harmful to the environment like so many of the existing copper-based solutions today,” said David Ward, CEO of Adaptive Surface Technologies. “We want boat owners to spend more time on the water and less time hindered by downtime incurred by cleaning, maintenance and general upkeep, and we are incredibly excited to launch this product and get N1x onto the hulls of recreational and commercial boats around the globe.”
SLIPS Foul Protect N1x provides marine vessel owners and operators a number of benefits above existing solutions on the market today, including:

• Fuel savings: SLIPS Foul Protect N1x’s performance and smooth surface helps boaters go faster and save up to 8 percent of fuel use.
• Multi-season performance: N1x does not have any copper or other ablative biocides that deplete over time, so it is able to maintain peak performance for much longer than traditional anti-fouling paints.
• An environmentally friendly solution to biofouling: Since it is non-toxic and does not contain any biocides, N1x does not kill organisms. It simply presents a surface wildlife cannot stick to. Plus, lower fuel consumption means less CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

SLIPS Foul Protect N1x is available for order at The product will begin shipping to customers on April 15.

By Professional Mariner Staff