ACR Electronics offers two-way transponder to captains seeking navigational safety aid

The Nauticast-INLAND AIS from ACR Electronics is functionally two transponders in one.

(FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – November 5, 2007) ACR Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of a line of safety and survival products, has introduced the Nauticast-INLAND AIS (automatic identification system), a transponder that also serves as a navigational safety aid on rivers and inland waterways.

The Nauticast-INLAND AIS provides captains with added safety in multiple cruising situations. Mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for both SOLAS and non-SOLAS vessels, it is a VHF-based, two-way transponder operating much like an air-traffic control system for port authorities and ships. It includes a multi-view graphical display, including alphanumeric radar and fairway views, and can be operated remotely. It provides a visual representation of the surrounding vessel traffic scenario, and can switch to inland navigation applications when required.

The unit measures 28x20x6 cm and weighs 2.5 kg, making it very compact. With an integrated alphanumeric keyboard and display, the Class A unit is a dynamic hands-on tool providing captains with real-time information as well as allowing port security authorities to automatically identify and screen all incoming vessels.

By Professional Mariner Staff