A Practical Degree Offers Possible Financial Provision for Training

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) partners with Mount West Community & Technical College to offer an Associate degree in Marine Technology.

The degree combines general education classes with required courses for AB to Mate, for Chief Mate & Master or for Engine Room Coast Guard endorsements.

Students will register for MAMA Coast Guard certified mariner-training classes through MCTC. Its classes will be accepted toward the college degree.

The degree includes at least 1 of MCTC’s 3-hour general education classes. These are offered online as well as at MCTC. The rest of the required general education courses may be taken at another community college and transferred to the MCTC degree.

Many students will be able to earn some college credits based on work experience and on the job training.

MCTC will assist students with possible scholarships, student loans, Navy Tuition Assistance or the G.I. bill to pay for this practical degree.

For more information, contact Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (866-75-8382) or MCTC (ask for John Whiteley or Tara Williams at 304-697-5616).

By Professional Mariner Staff