Xantrex introduces Freedom HFS true sine wave inverter/charger

(BURNABY, British Columbia) — Xantrex, a leader of mobile power for RV, marine, and specialty vehicles, welcomes the Freedom HFS, its latest true sine wave invert/charger to its already successful product line. Freedom HFS is designed to provide dependable and lasting mobile power by offering larger output power capacity, faster charging rate, and minimum battery drain.

Building on the success of Freedom HF, Freedom HFS is packed with new and improved features that give recreational and commercial vehicle users longer and more reliable power even in cold and harsh environments. One of the most significant upgrades is the addition of true sine wave, allowing users to operate sensitive electronics (laptop computers and entertainment system etc.) without interruption. Dependable and powerful, the new Freedom HFS models give 1000 w and 2000 w unfailing power respectively.

Other advanced features include smart battery logic which allows users to manage battery usage and minimize drainage. Dead battery charging allows users to restore their batteries even when they have been completely drained. Thanks to the improved charging rate, Freedom HFS charges at 55A, twice as fast as Freedom HF. Another notable improvement is the extended operation temperature range, from -20°C to +50°C.

“Light and compact, yet loaded with specialized features for recreational and commercial vehicles,” said Albert Shuen, product manager at Xantrex. “Freedom HFS is one of the first true sine wave inverter/chargers in the industry and by far the best. With a very affordable price point, we want to expand our customer base while offering a great opportunity for our current users to upgrade.”   

To learn more about Freedom HFS, visit www.xantrex.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff