World Wide Supply builds 4 Offshore Support Vessels

Ulsteinvik and Fosnavåg, Norway – The Dutch shipbuilder, Damen Shipyards Group, has agreed with Norwegian shipowner World Wide Supply to build 4 Platform Supply Vessels of the design “Damen PSV 3300 CD”. The vessels will be delivered from Damen`s shipyard in Romania from June to December 2013 and has a contract value of ‚¬ 95 million. The vessels will be operated by the Norwegian shipping company Remøy Management.
“We have a lot of faith in this new design and in Damen as shipbuilder. These new ships are highly competitive and will contribute positively to the industry. It is a modern design, but a safe operation is secured by the choice of proven technology”, says the Chairman of World Wide Supply, Mr. Knut Herman Gjøvaag, and he continues; “We are also satisfied with the fact that Remøy Management has invested into World Wide Supply and accepted commercial- and technical management of the ships. Their background from the offshore industry and safe operation of Coast Guard Vessels for the Norwegian government, secures a highly professional operation of the vessels when they enter the market in 2013”.
“With this exciting ship concept we reenter the market for specialized ships and this 4 vessels gives new and interesting opportunities for us. We have ambitions within the supply vessel market, and this is a good start”, says the ship owner and Managing Director for Remøy Management AS.
Sydvestor in Ulsteinvik, Norway has been instrumental in the deal as financial advisor for World Wide Supply. 
About the vessels:
The Damen PSV 3300 CD is a new design developed in close cooperation between the shipyard, the ship owner and the ship operator. The vessel is 80,10 m long and 16,20 m. wide with a 735 sqm. deck area and a deadweight of 3300 t. The “wave piercing bow” that penetrates the waves and the extremely slim waterlines in the bow area, gives the ship an increased and interesting operational window with higher transit speed, reduced fuel consumption and increased crew comfort. The vessels have a diesel electric twin propulsion system of 4600 kW giving 13,7 kn. speed and accommodation for a crew of 22. The vessel will be built under supervision and in accordance with the rules and regulation of Loyd`s Register, but will also be in compliance with DVN NAUT-OSV(A) and CLEAN DESIGN. The vessels will hold the descriptive note “Green Passport”.
About the companies:
World Wide Supply AS is a newly established shipowning company, headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway which is in the centre of the Norwegian offshore service vessels cluster. The company`s focus is industrialized shipping within medium sized OSV`s and it is owned by international and national shipping investors with their background from the offshore industry.
Remøy Management AS is a shipping company, headquartered in Fosnavåg, Norway which also is in the centre of the offshore service vessel cluster. Remøy Management was strongly involved with supply vessels in the past, but has recently focused on operation of Coast Guard Vessels. By this investment Remøy Management reenter the Supply Vessel market. For further information visit:
Damen Shipyards Group, established in 1927, is one of the world largest provider of specialized ships with more than 5 000 ships delivered since 1969. Annual deliveries are 120-150 ships from 35 yards worldwide giving a turnover of ‚¬ 1,3 bn. For further information visit:
Sydvestor AS is an investment bank located in Ulsteinvik, Norway, licensed and supervised by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. The company`s services covers all regional businesses and the international shipping, maritime and marine industries. For further information visit;
By Professional Mariner Staff