Willard Marine to design and build Crystaliner boats


The following is the text of a news release from Willard Marine Inc.:

(ANAHEIM, Calif.) (Dec. 10) — Willard Marine Inc. has acquired the rights to design and manufacture Crystaliner boats, a line of surf and rescue vessels that have been an icon on the West Coast for nearly six decades.

Crystaliner was founded in Southern California in 1956 by John Norek and specialized in fiberglass recreational and commercial boats that were particularly popular with lifeguards, harbor patrol and rescue operations. Crystaliner is credited with building the molds for the Navy’s first 16-foot fiberglass lifeboat, and in 1959, the first fiberglass boat to win the Miami Nassau Race. Although the company closed its doors in 2012, Crystaliners are still being used by law enforcement and lifeguard divisions in the California coastal cities of Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Oceanside to name a few. It is estimated that more than 100 boats were sold throughout the company’s history.

Last week, Willard Marine also announced it is reviving the commercial and government business of the well-known SeaArk Marine brand.

Willard Marine President and CEO Ulrich Gottschling said that “Crystaliner is an iconic brand with a long, reputable history and loyal customer following that echoes Willard Marine’s and SeaArk Marine’s legacies. By partnering with best-in-class brands like these, Willard Marine can offer a wide range of proven vessel designs boasting modern improvements to customers around the world.”

Gottschling said that he has already received positive responses about the Crystaliner acquisition from some local patrol agencies. “To be more competitive, we must diversify our product portfolio, and this is one of many moves planned over the next two years to grow our business.”

Lewis Page, who served as general manager at Crystaliner for 14 years and 34 years building their boats and tooling, said, “Crystaliner has a long history of making high-quality, top-performing boats specific to lifeguards and rescue operations, and Willard Marine is unequivocally the best boatbuilder today to carry on the Crystaliner legacy. I am proud to collaborate with Willard’s highly skilled and experienced team to produce a new lineage of Crystaliners that first responders can depend upon for many decades.”

To learn more about Willard Marine and Crystaliner, visit http://www.willardmarine.com/crystaliner. 

By Professional Mariner Staff