WESMAR Stainless Steel Dual Prop Thrusters Win Second ABS DP Approval

Woodinville, WA –15 December 2009 – WESMAR’s (Western Marine Electronics) commitment to lead the commercial bow thruster industry, continues with an announcement today that two more of their all stainless steel bow thrusters have been given ABS approval for dynamic positioning (DP) applications.

WESMAR Models V2-24 and V2-26 Vortex dual prop all stainless steel bow thrusters have joined the V2-20NS system, which received the design approval rating earlier this year.

After a comprehensive assessment of design plans and data, WESMAR said they have received the ABS certificate of design assessment.

The horsepower ratings for the V2-24 and V2-26 range from 175 to 225, and operate on vessels up to 350 HP.

The coveted ABS rating clears WESMAR thrusters for use on ABS DP classed vessels and widens the scope of business with newly constructed offshore supply and crew boats, many of them part of the rebuilt offshore oil industry in the post-Katrina U.S. Gulf Coast.

“We believe WESMAR is the only stainless steel counter rotating dual prop bow thruster system to have ABS DP certification,†said Bob Sentz, Vice President of WESMAR’s Mechanical Division.

WESMAR’s rugged and powerful all stainless steel design sets their thrusters apart from all other bow and stern thrusters. Polished NiBrAl props are standard along with stainless steel seal and bearing carriers with WESMAR’s stainless steel casting. The design meets WESMAR’s focus on low maintenance, more thrust per input horsepower, easier retrofits and upgrades, more precise control, and extremely rugged and reliable operation.

Like all WESMAR products the thrusters are built for the toughest of sea conditions backed by WESMAR’s 44 years of experience in design of rugged underwater equipment for work boats, commercial fishing boats, yachts, excursion vessels, and ships of the world’s navies.

The counter rotating dual prop design is WESMAR’s invention, and has since been copied by several companies. It provides up to 40% more thrust with the same tunnel size and with the same input power.

By Professional Mariner Staff