Wartsila signs $197 million scrubber deal


(HELSINKI, Finland) — The year 2020 is approaching along with the sulfur cap regulation of 0.5 percent, putting pressure on maritime agents to decrease emissions – and to utilize new innovations for environmentally sound vessels and services in the marine industry. A major European container shipping company has ordered Wartsila’s hybrid exhaust gas cleaning equipment and retrofit services to its container vessels, worth $197 million (U.S.).

Wartsila Services will deliver 50 MW, 60 MW and 70 MW Wartsila hybrid scrubber systems which will be retrofitted to its container vessels. These are solutions which have the flexibility to operate in both open and closed loop. When operating in open loop mode, it uses seawater and in closed loop mode seawater with an additional reagent to remove SOx from the exhaust, helping to reduce emissions in coastal and sea areas. Wartsila will also provide engineering and site advisory services for the vessels.

Utilizing Wartsila’s new scrubber unit design, water cleaning system mode, and the engineering and advisory services will allow more operational efficiency and compliance with the new IMO MARPOL regulation’s emission level.

The IMO MARPOL regulation coming into effect on Jan. 1, 2020 sets a new scene for players in the maritime industry to provide low-emission and environmentally friendly solutions.

Wartsila is striving for sustainable performance and works toward a zero-emission society. Wartsila also welcomes the new IMO regulation for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent from 2008 levels by 2050.

By Professional Mariner Staff