Wartsila opens world's first cybersecurity center for maritime industry

(SINGAPORE) — The technology group Wartsila opens an International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence (IMCCE) today in Singapore. The IMCCE consists of a Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT) and a cyberacademy. The IMCCE is a world’s first industry solution for the marine industry, founded by Wartsila together with its strategic partner in cybersecurity, Templar Executives. The IMCCE will provide a focal point for the industry to help drive the cyberawareness and response to cyberincidents.

“There are three main drivers for the maritime industry to collaborate in improving our cyber-resiliency: the vast attack surface that the maritime industry offers to cybercriminals; the inclusion of maritime into the critical national infrastructure of nation states. and the pending cybersecurity regulation by the International Maritime Organization in 2021,” says Mark Milford, vice president, cybesecurity at Wartsila.

The MCERT is an international cyber intelligence and incident support platform enhancing cyber-resilience for the entire maritime ecosystem. It provides international intelligence feeds, advice and support, including real-time assistance to members on cyber attacks and incidents, and a Cyber Security Reporting Portal (CSRP) for its members. The MCERT operates from the Wartsila Acceleration Center facilities launched today in Singapore.

“It’s not a coincidence that the IMCCE is based in Singapore – it’s a country that is forward-leaning in cyberdevelopment and a very important location in the maritime ecosystem. Despite its home base, the MCERT is available for the entire maritime sector around the world, from single vessels to large shipping and tankers to ports, port authorities and suppliers,” Milford said

The MCERT is based on a membership model and for those who want to lead the cyber agenda in the industry, it offers an advisory board membership. The advisory board will comprise of key stakeholders from the maritime ecosystem in the areas of shipping, oil and gas, ports and cruise ships.

The cyberacademy’s courses will cover a range of relevant topics, from cybersecurity coaching for senior management to cyberawareness for all organizational levels within the maritime industry.

By Professional Mariner Staff