Wartsila: Fuel consumption tests were manipulated

The following is the text of a news release from Wartsila:

(HELSINKI, Finland) — Wartsila Corp. has, at its own initiative, conducted an internal audit of test processes globally. This was done to secure compliance and to ensure operational excellence within the company.

The investigation has brought forward deviations in certain fuel consumption measurement tests conducted for marine engines in Wartsila Delivery Centre Trieste in Italy before customer dispatches. The deviations are on average 1 percent of fuel consumption. Of all Wartsila engine deliveries a total of 2 percent may have been affected. Engines for power plant customers are not impacted, and the company has no evidence of deviations in other operations.

It is to be noted that the engines in question have fulfilled the regulatory and classification society requirements, and the potentially affected vessels have met sea trial requirements. According to the evaluation, the customer impact of the deviations is marginal.

Over the recent years Wartsila's portfolio has expanded significantly, and in 2015 marine engine sales represented 12 percent of annual group revenues. According to the estimate of Wartsila management, the financial impact of this issue is not material.

Based on the current analysis, the deviations have been caused by a limited number of personnel, who have clearly acted against work instructions and the company's code of conduct by influencing the test results.

These actions are in dire violation of corporate policies and the company takes the matter extremely seriously. In order to secure new and transparent processes and controls, Wartsila has reviewed all test procedures, and taken immediate corrective actions where deviations have been found. Consequently, it can confirm that the tests fulfill the company's high standards.

“Wartsila requires all its employees to act in accordance with internal guidelines as well as laws and regulations. We deeply apologize for any loss in trust caused by this violation to our policies and corporate values, and we will immediately start reaching out to our customers,” said President and CEO Jaakko Eskola, Wartsila Corp.

By Professional Mariner Staff