Vincent Massey joins Canada’s icebreaking fleet

(QUEBEC CITY) — The icebreaker Vincent Massey was delivered to the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) on Monday upon completion of conversion work by Chantier Davie in Levis, Quebec. The ship has arrived at its home port in Quebec City to prepare for the upcoming icebreaking season.

In August 2018, the Canadian Coast Guard purchased three medium commercial icebreakers through Chantier Davie. In preparation for service, all three vessels underwent refit and conversion work at the shipyard. These ships were acquired to ensure the continuation of essential icebreaking services in Atlantic Canada, the St. Lawrence River, the Great Lakes and the Arctic during vessel life extension and repair periods to the existing fleet.

CCGS Vincent Massey leaving Levis, Quebec. Chantier Davie photo

This acquisition and maintenance of the ships was completed under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), which helps ensure the Canadian Coast Guard continues to deliver essential icebreaking services, keeping shipping routes open and safe while preventing ice jams and flooding. CCGS Vincent Massey is also equipped to support aids to navigation and provide emergency services such as search and rescue and environmental response.

“In welcoming the arrival of the CCGS Vincent Massey into our icebreaker fleet, we mark the steady progress of vessel procurement and renewal under the National Shipbuilding Strategy,” said Joyce Murray, minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard. “With the delivery of these essential vessels, the federal government demonstrates our commitment to the Canadian Coast Guard and its dedicated personnel, by providing the equipment they need to protect Canadian waters and keep mariners safe.”

“Fair winds and following seas, to the crew of CCGS Vincent Massey,” said Mario Pelletier, commissioner, Canadian Coast Guard. “Adding this third medium interim icebreaker is critical to maintaining Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking services that are essential to keeping shipping traffic moving and ports open throughout all four seasons.”

Quick facts

• In August 2018, the government of Canada, on behalf of the Canadian Coast Guard, awarded Davie Shipbuilding a contract for the acquisition of three icebreakers and work to prepare the ships for service for the Canadian Coast Guard fleet. CCGS Molly Kool and CCGS Jean Goodwill have been in service since 2018 and November 2020, respectively, while the third, CCGS Vincent Massey has now joined the fleet.
• The total contract value for the purchase and conversion of the three medium icebreakers is $912.5 million, which includes the purchase of the three vessels.
• The conversion and refit for CCGS Vincent Massey included increasing the crew accommodation capacity, adding a heavy lift crane, increasing icebreaking capability and ship endurance. Work also was required to meet Coast Guard operational and Canadian regulatory requirements.

– Canadian Coast Guard

By Rich Miller