VIKING’s new evacuation system is nominated for the prestigious Safety At Sea Award

(ESBJERG, DENMARK – MAY 12, 2008) – For the third year in a row, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment was short-listed for a maritime award. This year they were short-listed for their new dual chute evacuation system, the VEDC, designed to be flexible enough to cope with the increased vessel tilt and list factors on the world’s largest passenger carrying vessels.

VIKING has designed and manufactured a new evacuation system that solves the challenge of evacuating passengers from wide vessels. The new dual chute system, the VEDC, copes with enormous variations in evacuation height and has one of the largest capacities available.

To meet all the requirements for trim and list, and for evacuation capacity, VIKING designed and built an entirely new dual evacuation chute system, the VEDC. VIKING’s revolutionary elasticity system for the dual chute enables it to cope with extreme differences in evacuation heights, and is the most flexible chute system to date. It can safely evacuate passengers from evacuation heights as high as 16.8 metres and as low as 8.9 metres. The flexibility design is patent pending.

Two chutes, side by side, evacuate passengers simultaneously, greatly increasing the number of people evacuated within 30 minutes. The VEDC dual chute system has an SOLAS approved capacity of 559 people per system, and evacuees are transferred dry-shod from the deck to 150 person liferafts.

The system uses a large number of standard components, combining the advantages of new design with proven reliability.

A unique element of the VEDC system is the float free function. Unlike other high capacity systems, the VEDC is not stored away in a large box that contains all elements. The liferafts can be released independently from the system and used separately if necessary.

The development of the VEDC dual chute system means that despite ever increasing vessel dimensions, with its full range of evacuation systems VIKING still has a system for practically any passenger vessel in the world.

The first order has already been received for the system.

By Professional Mariner Staff