Viking gets global order for HydroPen firefighting system

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(ESBJERG, Denmark) — The global HydroPen distributor and safety solutions expert Viking Life-Saving Equipment has announced the signing of a fleetwide contract with a major global container shipping operator to integrate the HydroPen system for container firefighting. Beyond the system developed by Rosenby Engineering, the scope of supply also includes MED approved mobile water monitors, providing a further boost to the operators’ onboard fire safety setup.

With the deal, the operators fleet becomes the first to enjoy all the benefits of the technologically forward HydroPen system, which enables crew to safely and efficiently tackle costly container fires at heights.

Typically, when container fires are at heights above the reach of the crew, they are fought indirectly by dowsing the burning container and its surroundings with water. This conventional method is ineffective, dangerous, and can destroy cargo. The HydroPen system, however, uses pressurized water to drill through container doors, before automatically switching to fire extinguishing mode – putting out the fire directly at its source.

Prior to full fleet integration, the customer has tested the HydroPen system thoroughly and was pleased with the results: The HydroPen system was found to be simple, efficient and flexible to use for both elevated containers and containers in cargo holds using the HydroLock accessory. It only requires one person to use the system, which frees up other personnel for other important tasks during an emergency.

“This reflects a lot of the positive feedback Viking has gained after performing tests with some of the world’s largest containership owners,” said Lasse Boesen, global trade manager for Viking.

Training to use the HydroPen is minimal. Crew only need to hoist the HydroPen drilling unit to the doors of the burning container using the telescopic lift supplied with the system. The drilling and extinguishing process is then carried out automatically and with minimum risk to the crew.

The HydroPen system is able to spray water, foam and even CO2 into containers – depending on the fire type. What’s more, the system only requires a ship’s existing fire hoses and water pressure to function.

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By Professional Mariner Staff