Video shows cargo ships colliding on Welland Canal

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Screenshot2020 07 13at9.33.23am
Couresy CBC News

(PORT ROBINSON, Ontario) — Officials are investigating what led to the collision of two cargo ships in the Welland Canal on Saturday during what should have been a routine passing maneuver, CBC News reported.

A video on social media shows Florence Spirit and Alanis hitting one another, damaging both ships.

The canal is located in southern Ontario and connects Lake Ontario with Lake Erie. The collision occurred at about 4 p.m. near Port Robinson, Ontario, said Jean Aubry-Morin, vice president of external relations for the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp. He described the crash as “rare.”

“It’s a routine passage. It’s an area that is common. Obviously, as witnessed by the public, there was an unfortunate incident that the two vessels collided,” he said.

Alanis was heading up the canal toward Duluth, Minn., with a load of wind turbine parts, while Florence Spirit was heading down to Quebec with a load of coal, Aubry-Morin said.

No one was injured, and there was no fuel spill or other environmental impact, he said. Both vessels were moved to safe locations, where they are undergoing inspections.

Aubry-Morin said Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) will be investigating.

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By Professional Mariner Staff