Van der Velden offers EPS thruster in azimuthing retractable version

(DRACHTEN, NETHERLANDS — October 3, 2007) Van der Velden Marine Systems has introduced a new version of its EPS thruster, the EPS Azimuthing Retractable thruster, as part of its range of yachting products. The thruster performs both propulsion and steering duties, making it appropriate for superyacht dynamic positioning, station keeping and mooring.

The original EPS, introduced in 2005, is an award-winning side tunnel thruster capable of propulsion in two directions. Unlike its predecessor, the EPS Azimuthing Retractable thruster rotates a full 360 degrees, giving it phenomenal maneuverability.

EPS Azimuthing Retractable thruster is designed without gear and propeller shaft, and its blades are connected to an outer ring rather than a hub. As a result, the thruster is compact and takes up very little space, allowing it to be stored while cruising. It is virtually silent when used as part of a dynamic positioning or station keeping system because it enables the vessel’s main engines to be turned off.

Capable of continuous use, it can also serve as the primary propulsion source on smaller yachts. 

By Professional Mariner Staff