V.Group renews KVH's global NEWSlink subscription

(MIDDLETOWN, R.I. and LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom) — KVH Media Group, part of KVH Industries Inc., has announced that V.Group has renewed its subscription to KVH Media Group’s daily NEWSlink service supplying more than 500 vessels. To kick off the renewal, V.Group opted for NEWSlink’s special editions covering the sports events in Rio de Janeiro this month.

“Renewing our subscription to NEWSlink was an easy decision to make,” says Andy Cook, V.Group global crew operations director. “The service is really popular among our seafarers, and each master can select from the list of available titles to suit the interests and nationalities of the seafarers onboard a particular vessel.”

Each ship has a choice of more than 100 NEWSlink titles ranging from country-specific daily news in more than 20 local languages, to a healthy living title, technical articles, and even a newsletter for car enthusiasts.

“I’m sure that sports fans among the V.Group seafarers will be kept entertained by the thrills and spills at Rio,” said Rob Parkin, sales director for KVH Media Group. “These special editions are just one more reason that V.Group is a long-term client of our global news service. Every day, year-round, our dedicated NEWSlink team provides around-the-clock news from our newsrooms in Liverpool, Delhi and Manila.”

NEWSlink’s portfolio of high-quality daily and weekly newspaper digests are currently enjoyed by seafarers and cruise guests on more than 8,500 vessels around the world. The NEWSlink titles come in a range of formats and through a range of technologies, and are available in compact formats for maritime and other industries where bandwidth is limited or delivery costs are high.

These newspapers are also available via KVH’s IP-MobileCast content delivery service, which utilizes satellite-based multicasting technology to deliver content via a vessel’s broadband connection without affecting the vessel’s data speed or airtime plan.

For more information, visit www.kvh.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff