TSMS Transition Program to be Unveiled at SUNY Towing Forum

2012 (New Orleans) Baker, Lyman & Co announced they will offer UTV operators a unique opportunity to review the TSMS Transition Program though an hour long interactive presentation during the October 17th Towing Forum at SUNY Maritime. TSMS, or Towing Safety Management System, is the result of the long awaited Sub-Chapter M Rules by which towing vessels become subject to USCG safety management inspection. The TSMS Transition Program allows Sub-Chapter M impacted operators to enroll into a regulatorily certified Towing Safety Management System prior to the Sub-Chapter M Final Rule. Baker Lyman announced the TSMS Transition Program immediately following the creation of the TSMS Strategic Alliance with Germanischer Lloyd (USA) this past August.

The widely publicized Baker Lyman/Germanischer Lloyd TSMS Strategic Alliance caught the towing industry by surprise this summer as the Houston-based classification giant partnered with the nation's oldest chart agent to form the most formidable array of TSMS products & services to date.

Rocky Marchiano, Director of Baker Lyman's Maritime Compliance Division will be the presentation's keynote speaker supported by Paul Gallagher of Germanischer Lloyd (USA) and Patrick Falon of TBS. Mssrs Marchiano, Gallagher, and Falon are all prior mariners and Mr. Falon is a current member of the USCG Towing Safety Advisory Committee.

“Initially we had intended the TSMS Transition Program rollout to take place in late October”, Marchiano said, “but many AWO members had approached us about the feasibility of transitioning existing their RCP processes into a regulatory format. These discussions lead us to accelerate the rollout.”

The TSMS Transition Program is a bookend process that coverts a carriers' non-statutory RCP, or other non-statutory SMS program, into a statutory TSMS compliant program. Concurrently, if the carrier has no Safety Management System the TSMS Transition Program will facilitate that carriers' plan creation, statutory certification, and implementation process. The TSMS Transition Program includes TSMS Assessments, TSMS Transition Plan, recordkeeping model through the CORSAIR TVR software, statutory audit & survey services, and TSMS Training through GL Academy.

Marchiano explained that with Phase Two of the USCG Towing Vessel Bridging Program building steam the number of UTV operators seeking Safe Harbor within the TSMS Transition Program will likely increase dramatically over the next several months.

“AWO operators and non-AWO operators alike are seeking sustainable, affordable, and scalable TSMS solutions. The Baker Lyman/Germanischer Lloyd TSMS Strategic Alliance and the TSMS Transition Program are those solutions.” Marchiano added.

The Baker Lyman/Germanischer Lloyd Strategic Alliance brings strong credentials and product lines to the table. Baker Lyman's CORSAIR TVR V.2 software is setting the standard for TSMS recordkeeping while Germanischer Lloyd's staff of USCG approved auditors & surveyors is one of the largest nationwide.

“Our job is to get these operators onboard with early Sub-M compliance through the TSMS Transition Program”, native New Yorker Pat Falon said, “early implementation will save the operator money and probably result in lower risk to his insurer. This results in very real savings.”

“There is no better environment for this kickoff then SUNY Maritime” Falon suggested, “Schulyer has been at the heart of the maritime industry for generations. The Towing Forum has become the event of choice for towboat operators.”

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Rocky Marchiano, Baker Lyman

By Professional Mariner Staff