True Heading announces North American release of Seapilot AIS navigation systems

(DANDERYD, Sweden) (Oct. 7) — True Heading, a leading manufacturer of automatic identification system (AIS) and telematics solutions, announced today that after tremendous success in Europe, it will launch its pleasure boat specific AIS/navigation brand, Seapilot, in North America. Providing professional-level AIS performance, Seapilot offers both software and hardware solutions to the recreational boater.

Built to the highest of standards, the easy-to-use Seapilot Navigation app utilizes S-57 vector chart data displayed on its proprietary chart engine, combined with a direct GPS connection for position and to present up-to-the-minute AIS data on portable devices including iPads and iPhones. The Seapilot app is capable of displaying current position information, course and speed vectors for AIS targets, and in-app weather data for increased situational awareness. Utilizing autonomous navigation, charts are downloaded directly to a device, so Internet access is not necessary while on the water. The app allows boaters to set routes and waypoints, mark objects, and assess the bearing and range between plotted points and the vessel. The customizable display has settings for day, dawn/dusk and night, and the orientation can be changed between North Up and Heads Up views, all in high definition.

As a natural complement to the Seapilot Navigation app, Seapilot also offers high-quality AIS class B transponders for the pleasure boat market. Seapilot AIS solutions are offered in four versions: AIS Sailboat, AIS Sailboat with WiFi, and AIS Powerboat with Coastal and Offshore antenna and cable packages. AIS Sailboat includes an AIS transponder and contains a built in VHF antenna splitter to connect to a boat’s existing VHF radio antenna for ease of installation. The AIS Sailboat with WiFi package as well as the AIS Powerboat versions include a WiFi module allowing boaters to wirelessly connect to portable devices. The AIS Powerboat Coastal package includes an external combined GPS and VHF radio antenna. The AIS Powerboat Offshore includes an external GPS antenna and a dedicated VHF antenna for increased range. All Seapilot AIS transponders include the ability to receive AIS transmissions making it possible to see other ships, AIS aids to navigation, search and rescue vessels and aircraft, and weather stations, as well as transmit so that all AIS-equipped vessels within range can receive its transmitted information.

“We are proud to bring our tried and true Seapilot technology to the North American market,” said Jens Johansson, CEO, True Heading. “AIS technology should be an important part of every boater’s safety kit. True Heading has been a part of the development of AIS since its inception and our products are well known in Sweden and throughout Europe. We are confident our Seapilot products will give the American market the peace of mind European boaters have enjoyed for years.”

With over 40 years of experience in AIS development, True Heading offers a full range of solutions from aids to navigation to Class A and B transponders. Selected as the exclusive AIS for the challenging Volvo Ocean Race, True Heading provides products for sail and power recreational boaters, as well as commercial vessels.

Pricing and availability

The Seapilot navigation app is free to download from The Seapilot Sailboat AIS, Sailboat AIS with WiFi, and Powerboat AIS Coastal and Offshore packages are available for US $850, $950, $720 and $850, respectively. The optional AIS NMEA connection and weather updates are available for US $10 for a one-year subscription. AIS Internet access for the Seapilot navigation app is US $15 for a one-year subscription. Charts and weather subscriptions are priced separately. Charts are currently available for the United States and are available for the East Coast, West Coast and Great Lakes. Most of Northern Europe is also available with Canadian charts and others in development. For more information on Seapilot or True Heading’s entire product line of AIS and navigation solutions, please visit or

By Professional Mariner Staff