Trudeau announces $1.5 billion oil spill plan in wake of tug grounding

Bella Bella Tug

(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $1.5 billion plan on Monday to improve the response to tanker and fuel spills in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, CBC News reported. The announcement came after Trudeau spent Sunday touring a site on B.C.'s Central Coast where the tugboat Nathan E. Stewart ran aground and sank more than three weeks ago, spilling thousands of gallons of diesel and lubricants into the water. The funding includes increased Canadian Coast Guard capacity, new rescue stations, tougher rules for businesses that pollute on the coasts, and indigenous community response teams. "The ongoing incident at Bella Bella is unacceptable," said Trudeau, referring to the recent spill. "It's time for a change." There were no details about a proposed moratorium on oil tanker traffic off the B.C. coast or a decision on a proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline in the region.

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By Professional Mariner Staff