Transas launches Web Map Service

Pioneer in digital navigation presents the latest version of its Web Map Service 

November 2014. – Transas Marine has launched Transas Web Map Service (WMS) to provide transparent and easy access to navigation charts through common interface. Access to comprehensive mapping data is a powerful tool for developers of online web-based and mobile apps who can now use Transas’ top-notch technology to build their own applications.
Transas WMS incorporates the company’s renowned TX-97 chart collection and guarantees fast and reliable chart viewing service with a worldwide coverage. Developers of custom mapping applications with web access features can now use Transas TX-97 map tiles. Efficient tile caching ensures maximum performance even in most demanding scenarios, allowing a large number of simultaneous users to access the service without any adverse impact on speed and quality.

The Transas Web Map Service package includes regular updates of chart collection, as well as future upgrades with new features and improved performance, and allows for easy integration with virtually any web and mobile online map engine, like Google, Bing, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Yandex, Yahoo, jQueryGeo and others.
Transas WMS already has a proven track record of successful use by a number of world-class customers, such as Marinetraffic, the Anglo-Eastern Group, iRegatta, to name just a few.

By Professional Mariner Staff