Transas launches THESIS at Simulation User Conference


(SINGAPORE) — Transas CEO Frank Coles opened the Transas Simulation User Conference on Tuesday in Singapore. More than 400 delegates representing maritime training centers, shipping companies, certification societies, maritime administrations and suppliers from all over the world gathered for the event. During his keynote speech, Coles introduced THESIS, the Transas Harmonized Eco System of Integrated Solutions.

"Ship, ship operations office, training facilities around the world, and a properly created ship traffic control environment can all be connected to the ecosystem, effectively a community that is able to talk to one another. This is THESIS," Coles said.

With too many regulations, excessive data, responsibilities and tasks, the traditional hierarchy and ship roles have become outdated, and the environment and attitudes must change. The maritime industry needs an environment that enables the new reality and an attitude that empowers the execution.

Addressing the global maritime simulation and training community at the conference, Coles said that training needs to be geared toward cross-discipline operations. "In order to have a successful transition to the new reality, we should consider how to train the new team, the fleet resource team, (to) empower the master but also provide training on working together. The law should not control the management of the ship, but fit with everyday practice in operations. Day-to-day fleet resource training should replace some of the bridge resource training. The fleet management ecosystem will reduce the administrative load on the ship," he said.

"THESIS is a flexible data resource, a scaleable platform. The flexibility allows for data to be shared or kept private. The user can adopt all or only one part of the eco environment. In creating these solutions Transas will unite the global maritime stakeholders in the future of e-navigation and operations," he concluded.

By Professional Mariner Staff