Todd Shipyards wins $114M contract to build 2 car ferries

The following is the text of a press release issued by Todd Shipyards Corp.:
(SEATTLE) — Todd Shipyards Corporation (NYSE:TOD) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation ("Todd" or the "Company"), was awarded a $114.1 million contract from Washington State Department of Transportation, Ferries Division ("WSF") for the construction of two 64-Auto Ferries with an option for a third.

Todd is currently constructing the lead vessel in the new class to be used on the Puget Sound ferry route between Port Townsend and Keystone. The current award is for the construction of vessels two and three in the class. As part of this award, WSF has an option for the construction of a fourth vessel in the class for $50.8 million, which must be exercised no later than May 31, 2011.

The contract will commence once the Company has received a Notice to Proceed from WSF. The contract contemplates delivery of the second vessel in the class 18 months after Notice to Proceed, and the third vessel nine months after that delivery. The competition to build the 64-Auto Ferry was open to all shipyards located in the state of Washington.

"The selection of Todd to build the ferries, especially when combined with our on-going work for the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard and commercial customers, looks like a win on several fronts. Todd will be a very stable employer for at least the next couple of years, and in the process help train a new generation of trades people through our apprenticeship programs. We get the opportunity to build quality vessels for our state and earn a fair return in the process," Steve Welch, Todd CEO, said.

Todd performs repair and maintenance work on commercial and federal government
vessels and provides new construction and industrial fabrication services for a wide
variety of customers. Its customers include the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA, the Washington State Ferry system, the Alaska Marine Highway System, and various other commercial and governmental customers. Todd Shipyards Corporation has operated a shipyard in Seattle since 1916.

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By Professional Mariner Staff