Tanker damaged in collision with fishing vessel off New York

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The following is text of a news release from the U.S. Coast Guard:

(NEW YORK) — Coast Guard Sector New York is responding to a report of a collision Saturday evening involving the loaded tankship Tofteviken and the commercial fishing vessel Polaris. 

The collision allegedly occurred nearly 30 miles southeast of Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Tofteviken was transiting to New York while Polaris was transiting back to its home port in Massachusetts after a night of fishing.

Polaris, an 84-foot steel vessel built in 2007, suffered damage to its bow and outrigger. There were seven people aboard at the time of collision with no report of injuries. The vessel was able to return to its home port safely.

Tofteviken sustained an approximate 30-foot gash along its portside hull. There were no injuries reported to the crew aboard the tankship.

The tankship will remain anchored until the Coast Guard determines it's safe to continue into port after investigating and reviewing class reports.

Coast Guard marine inspectors and investigators are investigating the cause of the collision and assessing the damage to Tofteviken’s hull, and to ensure appropriate repairs are completed. 

Editor's note: Boat Database lists the owner of the New Bedford-based Polaris as the O'Hara Corp. The 115,340-dwt Tofteviken is owned by Norway’s Viken Shipping.

By Professional Mariner Staff