Swire Pacific Offshore installs FuelTrax Vision

(SPRING, Texas) — Swire Pacific Offshore, a marine services conglomerate and a leading service provider to the offshore oil and gas industry currently operates six vessels with FuelTrax on board, two of which have been installed with the latest FuelTrax Vision technology. The two FuelTrax Vision systems have been preforming without disruption since December.

FuelTrax is a self-contained marine fuel management solution that protects assets and ensures security of fuel, compliance and optimized vessel performance.

With the launch of its FuelTrax Vision system, the latest expansion of remote monitoring and reporting technology by FuelTrax, all video surveillance collected by FuelTrax is coupled with existing fuel monitoring data and tracking information to deliver a complete picture of vessel operations and activities. Among its features, FuelTrax Vision provides 360-degree coverage of vessel perimeter provided by four to six positioned IP68 marine environment cameras. Up to 10 weeks of high quality footage is stored on board.

FuelTrax founder and CEO Anthony George said the combination of "firsts" with FuelTrax means Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) leads the way in marine fuel supply and vessel security in Equatorial Guinea.

“We are delighted to present Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) with the installation of the FuelTrax Vision system, and continue the legacy of FuelTrax innovation from partner collaboration. FuelTrax Vision is the first system to combine fuel monitoring data with live surveillance monitoring, bringing greater reporting transparency and security to vessel operations, driven by requests of our clients.”

For more information, visit www.fueltrax.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff