SURVITEC pleased to announce important Imperial PFD innovations

The Imperial Immersion Suit is renowned as the highest quality, best value model on the commercial marine market, with a heritage spanning back to its creation in 1959. As the manufacturer and supplier of Imperial immersion suits and lifejackets, Survitec Group has been steadily gathering customer insight for important improvements to the product lines. We are proud to announce how this research and innovation are being applied within the portfolio of Imperial personalflotation devices… all of which will be featured October 9 – 11 in Booth 2042 at the 2013 International Workboat Show, New Orleans. Better Visibility In Stormy And Low-Light Conditions Survitec Group has implemented two improvements to  USCG-approved, Type III vests for increased wearer vest visibility. These include adding SOLAS-compliant reflective tape and increasing day-glow tape coverage on collar and pockets. Prototypes for the Imperial 370ERV (Emergency Rescue Vest) and Imperial 2230 Admiral’s Mesh Work Vest reflect these updates.

Tough Fabric For Dangerous Environments

Both the Imperial 370ERV and 2200 series of mesh work vest prototypes have incorporated ripstop fabric. For wearers of the vests working in high winds, this key improvement helps to deter tearing which can compromise the buoyancy and protection provided by the vest. Additionally, the fabric construction of the Imperial 370ERV is approved to withstand 100mph impact without compromising its integrity.

Premium Features That Provide More Utility

Pocket tabs have been added to both the prototype 370ERV and 2200 series of vests, to ease in opening pockets during emergency situations when time is of the essence. The 2230 prototype has a hole in back which can accommodate a fall-protection harness for users who are working high above the ground or water. The 370ERV prototype also has added
lash tags on multiple locations to allow for easier public safety badge placement without any hardware, and attachment of other safety gear including lights, multi tools and beacons.

New Type Approvals

As the newest addition to the Imperial family of PFD products, the 230RT builds on previous USCG Type I offerings such as the 160RT, and the industry-leading 198RT wearable vest. In addition to meeting or exceeding USCG requirements, it also complies with the changes required by SOLAS as of July 2010. Upcoming improvements include adding MED (Ships Wheel) approval, making it a true world-wide approved vest.

Prototype Imperial SAR Vest

Survitec Group has been developing a new Type V search and rescue lifejacket based on feedback from the public safety community. The first prototype was on view at the 2012 National Safety Congress Conference and Expo. Incorporating feedback from the public safety community, the second prototype was shown at the 2013 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in April. We received valuable input from firefighting professionals around the world, and have a third prototype in the works. Some of the features in the Imperial SAR Vest include heavy-duty cordura-style fabric, an official radio pocket with antenna port, two lash tabs, extremely generous pockets, a clear window on front pocket for identification, chest pockets, right and left back cows-tail accessory holder for ambidextrous use, built-in break-away belt, leg straps, and a swinging pocket in center/stomach area that provides additional storage and eliminates snag hazard from belts.

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By Professional Mariner Staff