Ship with 174 aboard runs aground near Boston; 2 injured

The following is the text of two press releases issued by the U.S. Coast Guard:
(BOSTON) — All passengers and crewmembers are safely off the passenger vessel Massachusetts after it ran aground and began taking on water off the coast of Deer Island, Mass., Sat., July 3, 2010.

Coast Guard crewmembers from stations Point Allerton and Boston, Good Samaritans state and local agencies removed everyone off the vessel and have taken them to Pemberton Pier in Hull, Mass.

The Massachusetts is located just outside the channel allowing traffic to move safely through the area.
There is a report of one knee and one back injury. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

A Falcon Jet crew from Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod observed a slight sheen around the vessel. Coast Guard investigators are en route to investigate and determine the best course of action.

The Coast Guard is working closely with the owners of the Massachusetts to determine a salvage plan for the vessel.
The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the incident.
The Massachusetts is an 87-foot passenger vessel based in Boston.
Earlier Coast Guard press release, which had the wrong name and size of the vessel:
(BOSTON) — The Coast Guard, state, local agencies and Good Samaritans are taking passengers off of the passenger vessel Spirit of Massachusetts after it ran hard aground about a mile and a half off the coast of Deer Island, Mass., Sat., July 3, 2010.
There is a report of one back injury. Coast Guard Station Point Allerton is taking the person to meet local EMS. Their condition is unknown at this time.
The Coast Guard received the call from the vessel around 10:04 a.m.
The 125-foot vessel has 168 passengers and six crewmembers aboard.
The Spirit of Massachusetts is blocking the south channel in President Roads coming into Boston.
One scene is: Coast Guard Station Point Allerton, Coast Guard Station Boston, several state and local agencies as well as Good Samaritans.
A Falcon Jet crew and Jayhawk helicopter crew is en route.
The current plan is to take the passengers to Pemberton Pier in Hull, Mass.
By Professional Mariner Staff