Sherwin-Williams Protective Marine Coatings Introduces Sher-Release

         Sherwin-Williams Protective Marine Coatings Introduces Sher-Release Silicone Fouling Release Coating System A solution that works with nature; causes marine organisms to be released from hull surfaces at slow speeds and light water pressure CLEVELAND, Ohio (April 30, 2009) ­ Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine Coatings announces new Sher-Release Silicone Fouling Release Coating System, an effective, nontoxic alternative to conventional antifouling coatings. A U.S. Navy patented solution, Sher-Release combines durability, longevity, clean-ability and cost-effectiveness. It is an ideal coating for hull applications to a wide range of ships, helping to prevent fouling of the underwater hull by barnacles, mussels and other marine organisms. The system¹s foulant release technology combines an epoxy anti-corrosive system and a tough, protective silicone surface coat interlocked by a unique elastomeric formula. The Sher-Release system¹s ³extra tough² surface provides steady long-term performance that is less prone to mechanical damages, not available in ³softer² silicone systems. Non-toxic Sher-Release contains no heavy metals or biocides. It is effective at speeds as low as 10 knots and offers effective service for 60 months dry-dock interval. Estimates show that Sher-Release can reduce fuel consumption by six to ten percent thereby reducing CO2 emission significantly ³Sher-Release is a cost-effective method of providing superior biofouling protection for a wide variety of marine applications,² said Michael Bentkjaer, Sherwin-Williams Protective Marine Coatings Market Director, Marine Offshore. Another environmental advantage of Sher-Release is its low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It is easily applied by airless spray equipment and significantly reduces the maintenance and downtime of vessels.
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Sherwin-Williams Protective Marine Coatings delivers smarter asset protection to the Americas with a broad line of high-performance coatings, comprehensive technical service and the industry¹s largest distribution system. Relying on more than 140 years of experience in formulating protective coatings, Sherwin-Williams provides environmentally responsible and cost-effective coatings solutions for applications where extreme corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack are present.
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