Security provider Marque Star acquires ship to battle pirates

The following is the text of a press release issued by Marque Star:
(DENVER) — Mangamaire, in collaboration with its U.S. affiliates, has acquired a 180-ft ship, the Archangel Michael, a blue water armed vessel to enable Marque Star and its partners to deliver value to its maritime clients.
Marque Star has conducted a global search for suitable ships and ship classes that meet the need for speed, potential armament, range, and size, and acquired Archangel Michael with a flotilla of similar ship acquisitions in progress. The Archangel Michael is a very capable ship that can deliver new strategic solutions. “We ask the global industry to stay tuned because the market is changing.â€
“We stand ready to meet any challenge. Marque Star is seeing tremendous industry response and is accepting deposits for any additional new contracts. We can meet the demand as we are rapidly growing our flotilla of capable ships to deliver customized value to our clients,†says Agbeli Ameko, SVP of International Business Development.
The 750 ton Archangel Michael has a cruise speed of 17 knots, solid steel hull, 2,560 horsepower, and berthing for 24 crewmembers. It has a 12,000+ mile range and will soon be fitted to begin protecting clients. “Given the changing tactics of the Somali pirates and other maritime threats around the world the range and capacity of the Archangel Michael will allow Marque Star to keep clients safe,†explains Director Greg Stenstrom. “We ask the global industry to stay tuned because the market is changing,†says Ameko.
Marque Star Marque Star focuses on securing sea-borne assets and property for the private sector. Our escort ships include patrol, recovery and quick reaction vessels, the crews of which are drawn from former U.S. military. They are prepared to use unarmed and armed response procedures including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), aerostats, and fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Marque Star has an active R&D program to provide new maritime surveillance and non-lethal deterrence technologies to expand out offerings to the maritime community.
By Professional Mariner Staff