Seatronx launches digital matrix switching command center

(LAS VEGAS) — Seatronx, a manufacturer, distributor and designer of electronics catering specifically to the military, maritime and industrial markets, has announced the launch of the Seatronx Digital Matrix Switching Command Control system (SCC).

The Seatronx SCC not only allows operators on the bridge to control individual or multiple displays including power on/off, input selection, brightening, dimming and night mode view, it is also fully customizable with optional modules for added functionality. These accessory modules let users incorporate KVM mouse, keyboard and touchscreen switching; vessel monitoring applications; NMEA data viewing; camera control; and environmental control such as lighting, shades or any other asset onboard.

The Seatronx Digital Matrix SSC starts with a 7-inch digital touchscreen panel and compact blackbox processor that includes a built-in Powered over Ethernet (PoE) network to simplify installation and programming. Boasting a powerful 533 MHz CPU and 128 MB of non-volatile flash memory, the SCC-PRO-3 processor at the heart of the command control system packs a big punch and has plenty of expansion capabilities. With a built-in RF transceiver and support for wireless bi-directional communications using ZigBee technology, the processor can provide users real-time feedback from supported Seatronx devices.

Eliminating the need for complicated video matrix switchers, the Seatronx SSC is engineered to work seamlessly with Seatronx VSRT series displays. Simple one-touch commands let users take control of individual or multiple displays from any helm, bridge or control center. Accessory modules include the SCC-KVM-8X8 for control of up to eight displays or multiple trackball or keyboard devices, or the SCC-VM-9 modular video switching matrix that allows up to nine input cards and nine output cards to distribute video from all onboard computers and black box processors.

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By Professional Mariner Staff