Seaspan launches second offshore fisheries science vessel


The following is text of a news release from Seaspan Shipyards:

(NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia) — Seaspan Shipyards on Wednesday launched Canada's second offshore fisheries science vessel (OFSV). In addition to dignitaries from the government of Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard, the government of British Columbia and Seaspan’s supplier network, hundreds of employees attended the event with their families.

The launch of OFSV 2 is the culmination of years of work by hundreds of Seaspan employees and supply chain partners from across Canada. As the second ship launched by Seaspan, it also marks a milestone in the rebirth and revitalization of the marine industrial sector on Canada’s West Coast. With funding from the government of Canada for the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), Seaspan has significantly expanded its workforce, created a growing marine supply chain, and invested over $200 million to upgrade its shipyard for the long-term program of work ahead.

Designed and built by Seaspan, the 206-foot OFSV represents one of the most complex ships of its size and type to be built in Canada. Specifically designed to meet the mission needs of the Canadian Coast Guard and scientists, the vessel features a variety of innovative systems including high-tech fishing trawls, four laboratories and a deployable, sensor-equipped drop keel. This vessel will serve as a platform for Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientists to monitor the health of fish stocks, better understand the impacts of climate change, and will support oceans research.

Through its NSS-related work, Seaspan has issued nearly $850 million in contracts to approximately 570 Canadian companies, including nearly $380 million contracts awarded to 425 B.C.-based companies. As the company continues to make progress on its NSS commitments, this supply chain will grow as more Canadian companies realize new opportunities with a revitalized shipbuilding industry. It is through its work on the NSS that Seaspan is directly and indirectly helping to employ thousands of Canadians from coast to coast.

“The launch of the second offshore fisheries science vessel represents a significant achievement for our company, our workforce and our supply chain partners. Seaspan Shipyards is proud to be Canada’s chosen long-term non-combat shipbuilding partner under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). We look forward to the exciting work ahead as we continue to make progress on our commitments under the NSS," said Mark Lamarre, chief executive officer, Seaspan Shipyards.

“The government of Canada congratulates Seaspan on this important milestone, the launch of the second offshore fisheries science vessel. This, in combination with other National Shipbuilding Strategy projects and the recently announced renewal of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, represents a significant achievement. Our government is working to ensure that the women and men of the Coast Guard and our scientists have the best equipment to conduct their important work. To keep our waters safe, protect our marine and coastal environment, and keep our economy moving," said Jonathan Wilkinson, minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.

By Professional Mariner Staff