Seamen’s Church Institute, ACTion group to partner on safety training

The following is text of a news release from the ACTion group:

(HOUSTON) — The Seamen’s Church Institute’s (SCI) Center for Maritime Education (CME) and the ACTion group have joined forces to achieve the shared goal of providing services that increase safety within the inland waterway industry. Both companies have a substantial presence on the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River system.

“When you combine SCI’s best-in-class training (wheelhouse assessments, simulator training, and e-learning) with the ACTion group’s ability to develop safety management systems, and perform audits, we have a solution which is mutually beneficial for our customers," said Stephen Polk, director, maritime education and training. "Without a doubt, this will continue to add further value and positively affect safety within the industry.”

One joint service now offered is third-party onboard assessments which gives employers the opportunity to have personnel evaluated by a neutral party. Both SCI and ACTion group have established assessment programs so joining the program together seemed like the next step for both companies.

“Teaming up with the ACTion group is great for the industry because we are both actively engaged in helping mariners and serving the maritime community,” Polk said.

“By partnering with SCI, we are able to provide platforms for education through systems and process development to enhance critical thinking, which leads to better decision-making," said David Foret, president, the ACTion group. "Our mission is to enhance an organization through personnel and process development in order to achieve operational excellence from the boardroom to the galley, enabling companies to buy down risk.”

Established in 1999, the ACTion group personnel have over 150 years of operational and functional industry experience. The ACTion group is known for developing and implementing safety management systems such as those required by TMSA, Subchapter M, ISM, and AWO RCP. The company also assists with technical writing, developing facility and vessel response plans, operations manuals, and Maritime Transportation Security (MTSA) plans.

Training mariners since 1899, SCI continues to provide education and resources that impact the lives of mariners and their crews. Today, the Center for Maritime Education’s knowledgeable and experienced SCI staff works with experts from various fields preparing curricula using sophisticated simulator technology to bring real-world experiences into the classroom.

By Professional Mariner Staff