Sea Hawk Paints registers Biocop TF anti-fouling coating in California

(CLEARWATER, Fla.) — Sea Hawk Paints has announced the approved registration of the dual-biocide coating Biocop TF by the state of California. Registration in California positions Biocop TF for sale throughout the Golden State providing marine service professionals and DIYers alike a premium quality coating for maximum multi-season protection against both hard and soft marine growth on the bottoms of their vessels. Handcrafted in America, Biocop TF is equality effective in fresh water, brackish and salt water. Biocop TF maximum protection anti-fouling coating comes backed by Sea Hawk’s one-year limited warranty when applied by a Sea Hawk certified applicator.

Biocop TF is Sea Hawk Paint’s premier dual-biocide anti-fouling paint. Its proprietary “PL3” polymer binding technology provides an engineered biocide that delivers maximum protection from hard and soft growth during any season in both fresh water and salt water. Biocop TF is Lloyd’s Registry approved and can be applied to boats of all sizes. Additionally, Biocop TF is sold in pint containers and can be used as an additive to other Sea Hawk self-polishing copolymer and hardened epoxy anti-fouling paints to expand their anti-fouling capabilities to inhibit slime and weed soft growth. Biocop TF gallons and pints have updated labels in accordance with California guidelines and are available in black, dark blue, light blue, red, gray, green and teal at authorized Sea Hawk distributors and retailers.

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By Professional Mariner Staff