Schottel introduces new medium-sized azimuth thrusters

Schottel Srp210
Schottel Srp210
Courtesy Schottel

(SPAY, Germany) — Schottel, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine propulsion systems, has introduced new medium-sized azimuth thrusters. The M-series consists of several rudderpropeller sizes covering a power range of 400 to 1,000 kW. Its modular system ensures the perfect fit for any vessel design. The first units of the M-series have already been delivered.

With the M-series, Schottel meets new challenges on the international maritime market, such as shifted engine power classes, updated ice class rules and an ever-increasing number of electric or hybrid-driven vessels. The azimuth thrusters, which combine the latest technologies in mechanical engineering, hydrodynamics and digitalization, are available in three sizes: 210 (640 kW), 240 (850 kW) and 270 (1,000 kW), corresponding to common engine power classes. All sizes are equipped with a powerful planetary steering gear.

These new Schottel M-series azimuth thrusters offer a solution for any vessel type and application with a range of various power source options and input directions. The azimuth modules are available for z-drives, l-drives and zy-hybrid drives, making them suitable for horizontal electric, vertical electric or combined direct engine plus horizontal electric motor connection. Thus, the M-series thrusters are also compatible with hybrid solutions.

Thanks to two basic installation variants, the M-series works with any type of vessel design. Besides the standard installation with variable propeller arm length, a compact minimized variant with shorter propeller arm length is available. These compact installation variants (LC for l-drives, ZC for z-drives) open up new scope and greater design freedom for ship designers, while leaving more space for other equipment. Both the standard and the compact variant can be bolted, welded or resiliently mounted on vessels.

Two different propulsion modules ensure that the M-series can be used for multiple operation profiles. The Schottel rudderpropeller (SRP) is universally suitable for all standard applications and vessel designs, achieving high bollard pull and maximum propulsion efficiency for vessels with medium speeds. The Schottel EcoPeller (SRE) ensures outstanding propeller performance when it comes to overall efficiency and course stability in more demanding applications and when running at higher service speeds, for example, with ferries. The SRE reduces both fuel consumption and emissions and thereby leads to lower operating costs.

The first propulsion units of the new M-series have recently been delivered and will soon be put into operation.

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By Professional Mariner Staff