Samson’s EverSteel-X gains Bureau Veritas POSA approval

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(FERNDALE, Wash.) — Samson, a leading developer of high-performance synthetic rope solutions and a global market leader in commercial marine applications, has announced the granting of a type approval certificate for fiber ropes intended for permanent mooring applications covered by the POSA JETTY notation to its newest high-performance synthetic line, EverSteel-X, from Bureau Veritas (BV).
BV’s POSA framework qualifies the rope for permanent mooring at a jetty, making EverSteel-X the first and only high-performance synthetic rope to achieve this designation. The testing requirements for this certification are extensive: break strength, fatigue characteristics, performance at elevated temperatures, and dynamic stiffness are all tested to verify the rope conforms to specifications and to provide confidence that the product is fit for the intended operational environment.
The extensive testing ensures that EverSteel-X complies to Samson’s stated specifications and delivers a comprehensive tension fatigue model for high-modulus synthetic fiber (HMSF) mooring lines. It provides ship designers confidence that they are using the best information possible to select a product for their permanent mooring operation, by accounting for and testing against all environmental and operational considerations for the application.

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By Professional Mariner Staff