Samson Quantum-12 Equips BRAtt for Debut at ITS 2010

Ferndale, WA – May 10, 2010 – Samson, the worldwide leader in performance cordage is proud to announce that the prototype BRAtt, is equipped with Quantum-12, one of Samson’s most popular towing lines. BRAtt, which is the acronym for Burchett Robert Allan training tug, is scheduled to debut at the International Tug and Salvage Convention and Exhibition in Vancouver, B.C. this month.

The result of collaboration between Ron Burchett and Robert Allan Ltd, the BRAtt answers the global need for cost-effective azmuthing-stern-drive training vessels for today’s commercial- and naval-ship masters. The BRAtt is designed exclusively by Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver B.C., and will be built by Adrenalin Marine Ltd. of Delta, B.C., which has been selected as the licensed builder for all BRAtts in North America. The 26-foot long, 450-horsepower BRAtt features most of the same technology and operating systems as similar full-sized Z-drive tugs, so operators can be trained to handle the more expensive and larger tugs that have become common in the world’s major ports without putting those major assets at risk. Although primarily intended as a training vessel, the BRAtt is also designed to be an affordable alternative to full-sized tugs for harbor duties such as boom deployment, yarding, and line-handling, etc.

Ron Burchett brought Samson onboard the BRAtt. “It’s nice to have technical partners who are forward thinking when leading a project like this,†says Mr. Burchett.

“Samson is honored to have been invited to participate in this unique opportunity,†says Director of Sales Terry Crump. “Just like any towing environment, the student tugoperator shouldn’t be concerned about the performance of the towline. This is why Samson recommended Quantum-12. It’s extremely strong and it grips better than standard HMPE towlines. Quantum-12 is perfect for this little BRAtt.â€

A flexibile and easy handling 12-strand, Quantum-12 utilizes Samson’s patented DPXTM technology, blending Dyneema® and polyester to provide high strength, superior abrasion and cut resistance, and greater grip for use on winches, capstans, and H-bitts than other high modulus polyethylene ropes.

The prototype BRAtt, a direct diesel-powered version, will be on display at ITS 2010, and will be available for demonstration to all ITS registrants. For more information on the BRAtt, contact Robert Allan Ltd at or

By Professional Mariner Staff