Sailors, not lawyers, fight pirates

Dear Sirs,
As a mariner I was mildly sickened by the selection of people you choose to interview for your industry signals article on piracy after the incident on the Maersk Alabama. Really gentlemen…a lawyer and a couple of chair flying CEOs? I’ve been in those waters and sailed on a vessel where the ship has been boarded and the crew robbed and beaten and let me tell you I’m glad those guys were NOT calling the shots for the security on my ship. Pirates need to be handled aggressively not like some sort of 3rd party business venture. The world isn’t safe and sailing it is even less so…it can be made tolerable by being tough, smart and prepared, not by adding a few more layers of attorneys and desk captains.
How about interviewing someone with a spine next time?
Best regards,
Paul Stan
Marine Engineer
By Professional Mariner Staff