SAFETY ALERT: Follow safety practices during cargo tank sampling

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a Marine Safety Alert urging mariners to familiarize themselves with standard safety procedures to follow during cargo tank sampling.

The alert was issued after a Coast Guard officer became seriously injured due to exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas during a tank vessel exam. The cargo tank was accessed using a deck sounding valve. The Coast Guard officer was standing downwind when the valve was opened.

The Coast Guard urges mariners to become familiar with safe work practices for conducting cargo tank tests. A risk assessment should be done first, including wind direction. Use a gas monitoring detector, ensuring that the detector is properly maintained and properly set. When in doubt about the safety of the gas, a self-contained breathing apparatus should be used. Be aware of the hazards and emergency response procedures.

The following is the full Marine Safety Alert from the U.S. Coast Guard:


By Professional Mariner Staff