Raymarine announces new autopilot and engine integration with Yanmar propulsion system

(NASHUA, N.H.) — Raymarine is pleased to announce that two of the company’s groundbreaking products are now compatible with selected Yanmar engine systems. Fully tested and certified by both parties, the Evolution DBW brings autopilot control to vessels equipped with Yanmar VC10 and JC10 (Joystick) Control Systems; connecting direct to provide unrivalled steering control of the Yanmar propulsion systems. The ECI-100Universal Engine and Control Interface gives access, via Raymarine multifunction displays (MFDs), to Yanmar engine data.
Evolution autopilots perceive their environment and then instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance. This breakthrough in autopilot intelligence uses Evolution AI control algorithms to give precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions. The easy-to-install Evolution DBW is supplied complete with the EV-2 9-axis sensor, p70R control head and cabling, and connects directly to the Yanmar control system. Once integrated into the system Yanmar owners can control the Evolution autopilot with the p70R or via touch screen using any Raymarine multifunction display powered by Raymarine’s LightHouse II user interface.
Bridging the gap between engine instrumentation, drive-by-wire propulsion systems, and Raymarine network navigation systems, the ECI-100 is an innovative device that collects and connects engine information to give the user simple and immediate access to engine performance data, fuel consumption and alarms via a full range of customizable information screens on Raymarine’s MFDs.
Raymarine’s ECI-100 makes engine and navigation integration an affordable reality for virtually any size boat. A space-limited vessel can access vital engine data alongside Raymarine’s industry-leading radar, sonar and navigation technologies via a single touch screen display. Each data port on the ECI-100 is independently powered and isolated, ensuring reliable and worry-free performance from both navigation electronics and engine systems.                                                                                          

By Professional Mariner Staff