Rapp Marine hires new CEO

Helge Vatnehol has been appointed Group CEO of Rapp Marine. Mr Vatnehol comes from the position of Senior Vice President Offshore Deck Machinery in Rolls Royce and takes over on 1 September 2014.

The companies1) in the winch division of former Rapp Marine Group have been collected within Rapp Marine Group. We are delighted that Helge Vatnehol has accepted the challenge to lead the group, says Board Chairman of Rapp Marine, Olav Fjell. Rapp Marine engages in global operations and has a leading position in its markets worldwide.

Helge Vatnehol joined Rolls-Royce in 2000. He is currently Managing Director and board member of its Norwegian branch Rolls-Royce Marine AS. Helge is Sivilingeniør (MSc) from NTNU, the Norwegian University of technology and Science, and has held senior leadership positions in Engineering, IT & Process development, Strategy & Business Development as well as Operational Management both in Rolls-Royce and before that in the Ulstein Group – a Norwegian yard, ship design and equipment supplier that was acquired by Rolls-Royce plc back in 2000.

Rapp Marine is going through a period of restructuring to bolster our competitiveness. Our ambition is to grow from Bodø, says Chairman Olav Fjell. Helge Vatnehol has the perfect background to spearhead this process, insists the Board Chairman.

By Professional Mariner Staff