Propspeed introduces Foulfree coating for transducers

(AUCKLAND, New Zealand) — Propspeed, a leading innovator of underwater coatings, has introduced Foulfree, a foul-release coating designed specifically for transducers. Designated by Airmar as a certified transducer coating, Foulfree releases marine growth, reducing the maintenance needed to keep transducers clean and streamlining water flow.

Fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, bottom-echo returns and positive fish targets. Transducers also perform best with minimal turbulence over their surface during operation. Foulfree is a specialized foul-release coating that is biocide-free and does not poison marine growth. Once cured, Foulfree forms a super-slippery surface over the transducer, preventing marine growth from attaching to its surface. Offering a long service life – it lasts a minimum of 12 months, with an even longer life span in cooler climates.

Foulfree joins Propspeed’s product line that includes Propspeed, a foul-release system for propellers and running gear, and the groundbreaking transparent foul-release coating specifically formulated for underwater lights, Lightspeed. 

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By Professional Mariner Staff