PortX, Helm Operations bringing AI assistance to harbor towing

(ROTTERDAM, Netherlands and VICTORIA, British Columbia) — PortX and Helm Operations have signed a new strategic partnership agreement to combine PortX’s AI-based port dispatching system, OptiPort, with Helm CONNECT, its harbor dispatching and operations software.
Already used in a number of ports around the globe, OptiPort improves the scheduling of harbor towage operations by using artificial intelligence to optimize vessel dispatch based on crew working hours, currents, tides, vessel characteristics, fuel consumption and availability. Until now, it has been difficult for companies to manually calculate and account for these factors in a live environment. By using AI, OptiPort is able to dynamically optimize harbor schedules every three minutes, resulting in the most optimal and cost-effective dispatch schedules for any harbor or fleet.

Depending on the port, pilot studies using OptiPort have shown savings of greater than $1 million annually per port by reducing fuel consumption and crew overtime while optimizing vessel dispatch to reduce chartering of third-party tugs. Together, these factors allow for savings of up to $200,000 per tug on a yearly basis. 
As part of the agreement, Helm Operations will incorporate OptiPort to provide a new advanced version of its Helm CONNECT platform, which provides vessel dispatch and operations software for many of the world’s largest harbor docking fleets. Using Helm CONNECT Jobs, powered by OptiPort’s AI engine, users will receive automated suggestions on the best towing vessel, departure time and running speed based on the current schedule. This simplifies the dispatch management process, reducing fuel and overtime costs while ensuring optimal schedules for harbor operators.

For more information, visit www.helmoperations.com and www.portx.co.

By Professional Mariner Staff